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It’s interesting to work in a field where there are almost no books about it. Well, this is not true any more, as nowadays in Dynamics NAV field we have more books than ever before. However, just several years ago, when I first opened Dynamics NAV client, there were almost no books about it. The best you could get (if you worked for a partner) were technical training materials from Microsoft. And, if you work for end-user, then help files were your best friend. However, now (when product is changing so fast) it’s becoming easier to learn about Dynamics NAV. However, every time a new Dynamics NAV book is published, I try to get a hold of it.

And the latest book I’ve managed to get my hands (thank you, Tobin!) on is – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Finanacial Management. I would say the book is different from other Dynamics NAV books. What do I mean by saying that? All the previous books where designed by geeks for geeks (who not only work with NAV, but love it, and want to know every single detail of it). This book is different. It comes to you with a fresh approach – starting from the basics – Financial Management functionality in Dynamics NAV.

First time I have read it, I am not sure I liked it. I have read through all of it in one evening and thought – “what, that’s it“? Then I kept thinking for a few days, would I recommend this book to anyone? Where I work, everyone joining our team, need to take the financial exam in Dynamics NAV, because having the financial management knowledge, is one of the cornerstones of knowing and working with Dynamics NAV.┬áSo, would this book be a good place to start?

If you have started working with Dynamics NAV a few weeks ago, and don’t know what can be done with this product – this book will definitely give you an overview and examples of what is possible. If you have worked with Dynamics NAV as end-user for some time now, this book will confirm that you have been doing the tasks the right way. However, if you have worked with Dynamics NAV for a few years now, and you think that you really know ins and outs of the program – the book might give you “what, that’s it?” feeling.

Though, when reading a book for a second time (and third time), I’ve found a few more things that I liked about the book. There might be some things in NAV, which you understand ┬áreally well, but when in comes to explaining why this functionality works in particular way to a user who is less familiar with the product (for example, of why you need to nullify incorrectly posted invoice by raising a credit memo with incorrect data, and then raise a new invoice with correct data), this book can give you helpful insights.

If you have started working with Dynamics NAV recently, or if you have a new colleague, I would recommend to read this book. If you have been around for a few years, you might be able to pick up only a few little things, but it’s still worth going through the book.

So, have you read “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financial Management“? What did you think of it?


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financial Management @ PACKT Publishing.

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