How to Create Additional No. Series For the Same Document?

Just a few days ago, I have written How to Create No. Series in Dynamics NAV, and today I got one more question about No. Series. How to create an use additional No. Series for the same document type?

For example, let’s say, that you want to use one number series, for most of your customers:
No. Series Relation - First No. Series

But for, other customers (specifically, customers who own factories), you would like to use another set of number series:
No. Series Relation - Second No. Series

How would you achieve that? Well, (as in most cases with Dynamics NAV setups) this is quite easy.
1. Firstly, you need to create both number series.
2. Secondly, you need to define the first number series in setup (as per our example, that would be in Sales & Receivables Setup, Numbering tab, “Invoice Nos” field, select “CSI” No. Series).
3. Go to Administration > Application Setup > General > No. Series and find “CSI” No. Series. Click Line > Relationships.
No. Series Relation - Series Relationships

4. In the opened form, define second number series (as per our example, that would be FSI):
No. Series Relation - Define Relationship to Second No. Series

And that’s it! Now, when creating sales invoices, all you need to do (after clicking F3, or Edit > New), is to drill down into “No.” field:
No. Series Relation - New Sales Invoice

And you will be able to select one of the two number series: CSI or FSI:
No. Series Relation - Select Second No. Series

No. Series Relation - Sales Invoice With Different No. Series

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  1. Alastair says:

    Thanks for the post. Can you do something similar for posted documents, e.g. choosing one no. series when posting document 1, and a different no. series when posting document 2?

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