Application Method Field on Customer Card, Payments Tab

Recently, I have been asked what is the use of Application Method field on Customer card, on Payments tab? Without looking at the field, my initial response was Huh? (I have never used this field before).
Application Method Field in Customer Table

I quickly jumped into CRONUS UK database and filtered customer list setting Application Method <> Manual. The result – only 1 customer (20000 Selangorian Ltd). This would explain the reason, I’ve never seen this field – even in CRONUS there is only one example!

However, as always, Dynamics NAV help files can answer such straight-forward questions (no need to know everything, right?).

Application Method Field on Customer Card, Payments Tab
In Application Method field you can choose how the program will apply payments for this customer. To determine the application method, click the AssistButton in the field and select one of the two options:

  • Manual – If you select Manual, you must manually specify in the Apply Customer Entries window which sales document a payment applies to.
  • Apply to Oldest – If you select Apply to Oldest, the program will automatically apply the payment to the oldest of the customer’s open entries.

If you do not enter anything here, the application method will be Manual.


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