How to Copy a General Posting Setup Line

It’s not something that you do everyday, however, once in a while, you do need to create a new General Posting Setup Line. Usually, I see people going into Financial Management > Setup > Posting Groups > Posting Setup, creating a new entry, defining Gen. Bus. Posting Group and Gen. Prod. Posting Group, and then copying the “Account” values from existing setup (one column at a time). Or, if person is more familiar with the system, I have seen users applying a filter on one of the field (Gen. Bus. Posting Group, or Gen. Prod. Posting Group), and then clicking on the right-arrow on the keyboard and clicking F8 (to copy a value from above entry), right-arrow and F8 again (click click click). It gets the job done, but…

Instead, you could save lots of time (and ensure that you do not make any errors by copying values) by using default Copy – General Posting Setup Batch Job. According to Dynamics NAV help files:

With this batch job you can copy a record with selected fields or all fields from the general posting setup to a new record. Before you start to copy you have to create the new record.

How to Copy a General Posting Setup Line
1. Go to Financial Management > Setup > Posting Group > Posting Setup.
Copy General Ledger Setup - On Menu

2. Select new Gen. Prod. Posting Group and Gen. Bus. Posting Group combination. Click “Copy…“.
Copy General Ledger Setup - Create New Combination

3. And on the request form, select a combination of “Gen. Bus. Posting Group” and “Gen. Prod. Posting Group” from which you want to copy the details (you can copy either all fields, or select only some of them).
Copy General Ledger Setup - Copy Funnction

4. Click OK and then click Yes to confirm the Copy function.
Copy General Ledger Setup - Confirm Copy Function

5. Check copied values.
Copy General Ledger Setup - Result


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