How to Manually Create New No. Series in Dynamics NAV

No. Series
No. Series is used in Dynamics NAV to set up all the number series that you will use in your company for various records (like Item, Customer, Vendor, etc.), various documents (like quotes, orders, invoices, etc.), and journals (templates, batches, lines).

How to Manually Create New No. Series in Dynamics NAV
1. Go to Administration > Application Setup > General > No. Series
2. Create a new record, by defining fields:
No. Series - Create New - Click Series - Lines

Code – In the Code field, type a unique identifier for this number series.
Description – In the Description field, type a short description of the number series.
Default Nos. – Place a check mark in the Default Nos. check box if this number series uses automatic numbering. If the Default Nos. field is unchecked, users must manually look up from the No. field and select from number series.
Manual Nos. – Place a check mak in the Manual Nos. check box if this number series allows manual numbering instead of always using automatic numbering.
Date Order – Place a checkark in the Date Order check box, if the numbers from this range are assigned chronologically.

You might have noticed more fields on No. Series records ,which you cannot update. These are automaticaly updated in the No. Series after No. Series Line information is entered:
Starting No. –
Ending No. –
Last Date Used –
Last No. Used –

3. Click on button Series > Lines and define fields:
No. Series - Create No. Series Lines

Starting Date – Enter the date when this number series can be used.
Starting No. – Enter the first number in the series
Ending No. – Enter the last number in the series
Warning No. – Enter the number which, once reached, will generate a warning that number series is coming to an end.
Increment-by No. – Enter the size of the interval the numbering should increase.

Last Date Used – Field is updated automatically when the number series is used and shows the last date that was No. Series was used.
Last No. Used – Field is updated automatically when number series is used and shows the last umber in the series used
Open – This field is non-editable and is unchecked automatically when the last number in the number series is used

4. Assign numbers series on your Setup tables (for example, on “Sales & Receivables” setup, Numbering tab, you can define “Customer Nos” – number series for customers).

Note: When creating new No. Series I tend to use a lenght of 10 characters for Starting No. and Ending No. (even though, you are allowed to use up to 20 characters). However, I go for 10 characters only, because then it fits nicely in default Dynamics NAV form fields.

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