How to Import Setup Questionnaire Answers to a New Company in Dynamics NAV

Once you have created Setup Questionnaire in Dynamics NAV (and exported questions to Excel file),  you can send these questions to your customer. Customer will need to answer these questions and then the file will become the foundation for your initial set ups for the new company in Dynamics NAV.

How to Import Setup Questionnaire Answers to a New Company in Dynamics NAV?

1. Complete the Setup Questionnaire with the Customer.
The idea behing the Setup Questionnaire is to enable your customer to fill in the details themselves. All you need to do is to export setup questionnaire to Excel file and send that file to customer.Then, after filling the details, customer would send back the file to consultant (to apply setups on a new company).

2. Create a new company.
While your customer is trying to answer all the questions from Setup Questionnaire, you can proceed with creating a new company.
2.1. Click File > Company > New.
2.2. Enter Company Name and click OK.
2.3. Select Company Type field in the Company Setup Window and click OK.
2.4. Once the company has been successfully created, click OK.

3. Import the setup questionnaire.
 3.1. In Dynamics NAV click Administration > Application Setup > Company Setup > Setup Questionnaire, then click Questionnaire > Import from Excel.
3.2. Select the file (that customer has sent to you) and click Open.
3.3. Once the quetionnaire has been successfully imported click OK.

4. Validate the setup questionnaire.
As a consultant, you still need to manually review the data, to ensrue that the fields have been entered in the correct Dynamics NAV format (for example, to check that strings are not entered into date fields, etc).
4.1. Click Questionnaire > Show Questions.
4.2. For each question, review the value in Answer column (checking the value in Answer Option column and the value in Answer column).
4.3. You can click Tools > Zoom to get more specific field information.

5. Apply answers from the setup questionnaire.
If you have skipped step number 4, go back. The Apply Answers process does not validated the format of the answer in the questionnaire! Once, you have validated data on all Setup questions, you can either apply answers for whole Setup Questionnaire:
5.1. Click Questionnaire > Apply Answers.

Or, you can do it for one setup at a time:
5.1. Click Questionnaire > Show Question.
5.2. Click F5 to open a list of Setup Tables. Click on a table name, and click OK.
5.3. For each Setup Table in Question Are window click Question > Apply Answers.

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