What is Setup Questionnaire in Dynamics NAV?

If you are working for end-user company, most likely you have never seen Administration > Application Setup > Company Setup > Setup Questionnaire in Dynamics NAV (and most likely, you will never need to see it). However, if you are Dynamics NAV consultant constantly working with new implementations (or at least, if you are preparing for Dynamics NAV Financials exam), you might have encountered this tool.
Setup Questionnaire

To say it in one sentence (as per Microsoft training materials):

The setup questionnaire help reduce the implementation workload by streamlining the task of setting up the new system.

But what does this mean for normal Dynamics NAV users? Well, instead of talking in Dynamics NAV jargon (and instead of having deep knowledge of Dynamics NAV), end-users can answer a set of simple questions, and in doing so, newly implemented Dynamics NAV system will be set up.

There is one questionnaire for each (default Dynamics NAV) industry segment.
Setup Questionnaire - Industry Segments

And each questionnaire covers the same 10 setup tables, but questions may be different for various industry types.
Setup Questionnaire - Setup Tables

The setup questionnaire is generated in Dynamics NAV by a consultant (in Excel or XML format), and then it is up to a user to answer the question (to setup their system). Once user has finished, the questionnaire file is imported to Dynamics NAV, and (after a few hours) job’s done – the system is set up without the user even connecting to Dynamics NAV database!

And the best thing about Setup Questionnaire in Dynamics NAV – it is not limited to the predefined number of tables (or questions). Therefore, if you are working with addons (or bigger customizations), you can create your own Setup Questionnaire.

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