Cost is Adjusted Field in Item Table

Cost is Adjusted Field in Item Table

Cost is Adjusted field contains a check mark if the item’s unit cost has been adusted, either automatically or manually.

By saying “automatically“, I actually refer to Warehouse > Setup > Inventory Setup, fields “Automatic Cost Posting” and “Automatic Cost Adjustment”. Depending on this setup, your item costs might get updated with every transaction posted.
Cost is Adjusted Field - Inventory Setup

And by “manually“, I refer to running the batch job Financial Manageent > Inventory > Costing > Adjust Cst – Item Entries. It is possible to run this on the Job Queue, hence automatically, however in the context of “Cost is Adjusted” field usage, even if report is executed as a Job Queue task, it is still considered as running the batch job “manually”.

Basically, if “Cost is Adjusted” has a check mark, it means that “Adjust Cost – Item Entries” has been executed recently. If “Cost is Adjusted” field does not have a check mark, it doesn’t mean, that cost for item has never been adjusted. Instead, it means, that there are some new entries, that will need to be adjusted.
Cost is Adjusted - Adjust Cost Item Entries Batch Job

Once you execute “Adjust Cost – Item Entries”  batch job (and hopefully, you have done it without any filters), all your items should have a checkmark on “Cost is Adjusted” field.

To summarize, the field “Cost is Adjusted” can be used either by user trying to identify if costs for items have been adjusted, or by the system:

  • when running report 1004 Close Inventory Period – Test, system will check if cost has been adjusted for item and warn a user if it hasn’t been done.
  • Cost is Adjusted” field is set to No, whenever system creates a new records that affect Value Entries
  • Cost is Adjusted” field is set to Yes, when running “Adjust Cost – Item Entries” batch job.
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5 Responses to Cost is Adjusted Field in Item Table

  1. Rob Law says:

    I read the above with interest. Where do I find information on Adjust Cost – Item Entries using using Job Queue?

  2. Poteto says:

    Why navsion 2009 use corsor sql on run ajusting cost?
    It seem slowly .
    pleae recommend me .

  3. Steve Boime says:

    This is an old post, so I don’t know if this will get answered.

    We are trying to close an inventory period in NAV 2013R2. We get a message that there are unadjusted costs for the period. We have run the adjust cost – item entries routine. The item card has a check mark in cost is adjusted. We still cannot close the inventory period.

    Any help would be appreciated

  4. shake says:

    this not changing in my system after doing this process.. i have used average for costing method.

    now when i run adj cost -item ledger the unit cost is not changing in item ledger entry

  5. RK says:

    Report – Adjust Cost – Item Entries (795)-

    1. We have run the Adjust Cost batch job Item Category wise- there are 8 categories. And Item Register is created for 7 categories.
    2. But for last Item category which has the maximum items, after 2 HRS, I got the SQL connection error.
    3. When I re run the batch after error, its starts running and again after 2 HRS the same SQL error is received. That means the adjust cost is not yet completed.
    4. I have observed the window, the item is changing, it is not getting stuck for 1 item.
    5. The SQL timeout property is also set to 20:00:00.

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