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It’s very easy to write about Dynamics NAV. Especially, when you breathe it (live with it, work with it, and love it) everyday. You encounter issues you have seen already. You create solutions (or optimize ones) that someone else has already created. You get asked questions that have been asked previously. You work in your own way, and you see other people working in their own way. And all of us arrive at the same destination (hint: go live), even though we might have followed different routes. There is no a good way (well, there might be) or a bad way (well, there obviously is!), but every way is a learning experience which can be shared.

On the other hand, it’s very easy to stop writing about Dynamics NAV. Even too easy (just take a holiday for a week or so). And once you stop, you find so many excuses not to start writing again. Or… to leave it for tomorrow. Or day after tomorrow. Even when your colleague (thanks, by the way!) says “it has been thirteen days now… not good… not good“, you nod in agreement and think “tomorrow!“. But there is no tomorrow. There is only next 15 minutes and what you make out of it.

My original inspiration after coming home from NAV TechDays conference in Antwerp was to write about Dynamics NAV for 365 days. Yes, that’s writing daily about Dynamics NAV. That is the only way of living up to my own proclaimed title – Dynamics NAV Enthusiast.

So, let’s see how far we can get!

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