Stockout Warning Field in Sales & Receivables Setup Table in Dynamics NAV

Stockout Warning Field in Sales n Receivables Setup

In Stockout Warning field you can specify whether you want the program to warn you when a sale will result in a negative inventory for an inventory item. Dynamics NAV will base its warning on a calculation that includes all posted item entries plus sales order lines that have not yet been posted.

Stockout Warning
The Stockout Warning check box, when selected, specifies that
the program warns the user when there are not enough items on
inventory to fulfill a sales order. The warning is based on a
calculation that sums quantity amounts on all posted item ledger
entries and unposted sales order lines, including reserved

To have the program warn you that the inventory will become negative, place a check mark in the check box. However, please note that:

  • Stockout Warning does not work for “Drop Shipment” lines.
  • Stockout Warning does not check “incomming” stock from purchase orders.
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