How to disable CTRL+F8 on Dynamics NAV Form?

I have written about how to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV. I have also pointed out the weakness of using Tools > Zoom function (for example, when hiding passwords). However, there is a way to disable keyboard shortcut CTRL+F8 on a specific form.

How to disable CTRL+F8 on Dynamics NAV Form?
Add new MenuButton to the form (click on Toolbox button, then click on Menu Button, then click on the form, where you want to add Menu Button):
Disable Tools Zoom - Add new MenuButton

Create new Menu Item and define the ShortCutKey to Ctrl+F8 (right-click on new Menu Button, select Menu Items, create a new entry by defining Caption (Disable Zoom Function) and ShortCutKey (CTRL+F8) properties, but leaving Action and RunObject properties blank):
Disable Tools Zoom - Define Name for Menu Button

Resize Menu Button to a very small size (so, you could hide it behind one of the other existing buttons on the form)
Disable Tools Zoom - Resize Menu Button

Drag new Menu Button on one of existing button on the form, and click Format > Send to Back (this will position your new MenuButton under the button):
Disable Tools Zoom - Format Send to Back

Now, if you would run the form again, and try to click CTRL + F8, nothing will happen. Result!

Unfortunately, user will still be able to click Tools > Zoom… (which I was hoping would not work either, but it does!) I wonder, if there is a way to disable Tools > Zoom functionality for a specific form…

Edited on 06/12/2011 21:45 (as per Peter’s request) – WARNING:
Disabling keyboard shortcut CTRL+F8 does not remove the ability to run Tools > Zoom function directly. Therefore, this wokaround should not be used for controlling security. Instead, this post should be taken as example, of how to control ShortCutKey property.

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5 Responses to How to disable CTRL+F8 on Dynamics NAV Form?

  1. Peter says:

    PS: You should actually remove your walkthrough or put HUGE warnings signs on it, as it only provides a false security. (Sorry)

  2. Peter says:

    Great, thanks 🙂

    However; there IS a way to disable Zoom per table. Just use this trick:

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