Check G/L Account Usage Field The General Ledger Setup Table

There are a few places in Dynamics NAV, where you set them up once, and then forget. Unless,  you do a new installation, you don’t really need to go through these setup fields again. One, of these fields is Check G/L Account Usage Field in The General Ledger Setup Table.

Check GL Account Usage Field in General Ledger Setup Table

Firstly, you need to know, that it is possible to delete G/L Accounts in Dynamics NAV. Obviously, if you have any outstanding balance, you will not be able to delete G/L Account. Instead, you will get error message saying: Balance must be 0 in G/L Account No.=’ACCOUNT’. However, if you have a balance of 0 (even if you had General Ledger Entries posted), you will be able to delete G/L Account.

That’s where it might be useful to know (and use) the field Check G/L Account Usage:

Check G/L Account Usage Field The General Ledger Setup Table
A check mark in this field indicates that you want the program to protect G/L accounts that are used in setup tables from being deleted. If there is a check mark in this field and you try to delete a G/L account, the program will check if the account is used in one of the following tables:

  • Currency
  • Customer Posting Group
  • Vendor Posting Group
  • Job Posting Group
  • General Posting Setup
  • Bank Account Posting Group
  • VAT Posting Setup
  • FA Posting Group
  • Inventory Posting Setup
  • Service Contract Account Group
  • Gen. Journal Template
  • Gen. Journal Batch
  • Gen. Jnl. Allocation
  • FA Allocation

If you have a checkmark in Check G/L Account Usage field, when deleting G/L Account which has been used in setups, you will get error message: You cannot delete a G/L Account that is used in one or more setup windows.
Error When Deleting GL Account

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