Shipment/Receipt Posting Policy in Dynamics NAV

If you would go to Departments > Administration > Application Setup > Warehouse > Warehouse, and then in Tasks, click Warehouse Setup. On the right side of the General FastTab, you will notice two fields: Receipt Posting Policy and Shipment Posting Policy.
Warehouse Mgt. Setup

This field [shipment/receipt posting policy] contains the policy that the program follows when it posts a warehouse shipment. There are two policies to choose from.

  1. Posting errors are not processed. – The program will post all source documents, without stopping, even if any errors occur in the posting process. You will get the message “X-source documents out of a total of Y have now been posted.” There is no possibility to see what kind of errors occurred in the posting process.
  2. Stop and show the first posting error. – The program will post source documents until the first error occurs. The posting process is cancelled upon the first error and the rest of the source documents will not be posted.
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3 Responses to Shipment/Receipt Posting Policy in Dynamics NAV

  1. S!d says:

    Thanx alot … it was really helpfull 🙂

  2. Ori Raivitz says:

    On the shipment setup = Stop and show the first posting error
    In case of having 2 source documents on the shipment (sales order) and un error occurs on one of the line of the second sale order, the system Post the first one and un post the second order. Can I setup the system to Stop posting both orders?

  3. Thilina Perera says:

    Thank you very much. It really solved the issue. 🙂

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