What Permissions Do You Need to Take FBK Backup in Dynamics NAV?

Yesterday, I have written quite a simple (and, to be fair, quite boring) post about how to take FBK backup in Dynamics NAV. However, I have not mentioned, what kind of permissions you need to have, in order to be able to take FBK backup. And if you would ask seasoned Dynamics NAV consultants what kind of permissions would you need to do this, most likely you would get an answer that you need a SUPER role. But do you really need to give a SUPER role to your “backup guy”? Remember, SUPER role means, that user can do almost anything and everything in your Dynamics NAV system.

So, I was itching to experiment a little bit. What permissions do you need in Dynamics NAV in order to be able to take FBK backup? Well, to take a backup, you go into Tools > Backup… (remember, a few days ago I mentioned how to enable Tools > Zoom function? Aha! It’s seems there is a permission for Tools > Backup as well. So, I have created a new role “BACKUP” and added System 5410 “Tools, Backup” permission to it:
Permissions needed for FBK backup - New Role BACKUP

and added this role to Database Login USER1:
Permissions needed for FBK backup - Assign Role BACKUP To Database Login USER1

When logging in to Dynamics NAV client, at first I got error message saying: You do not have permission to read the Object table
Permissions needed for FBK backup - You do not have permissions to read Object

Ok. This makes sense… you need permissions to read a table, if you want to take a backup of it. Furthermore, you need to be able to read all tables in order to backup all of them. This can be achieved, either by adding “SUPER (DATA)” role to my USER1 permissions, or adding TableData 0 permission to my BACKUP role.
Permissions needed for FBK backup - SUPER DATA role

Because SUPER (DATA) role has other permissions (Insert, Modify, Delete) and I want only read permissions, I have added TableData 0 permission to by BACKUP role
Permissions needed for FBK backup - TableData 0

I have synchronized security and tried to login with USER1 again. This time, when trying to open company, I received error message saying that I cannot access MenuSuite:
Permissions needed for FBK backup - You do not have permissin to run MBS MenuSuite

but that’s fine, because I am interested only in making a backup – and Tools > Backup is accessible!
Permissions needed for FBK backup - Tools - Backup

So, I have taken FBK backup (as per instructions: how to take FBK backup).
Permissions needed for FBK backup - Backup Completed


Later, I have restored the backup on another SQL server. And so far, it is working perfectly (to be fair, I am not even sure what to test next). So, the next time someone asks you what permissions are required to take FBK backup, please don’t say SUPER! Because, you need only to permissions:

  • TableData 0 ” “
  • System¬†5410 “Tools, Backup”
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