How to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV?

If you are a developer, most likely you have never had to ask how to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV, because you would normally be a SUPER user in development environment. And, if you have a SUPER role, you have access to this menu option anyway. However, if you are not a SUPER user, then it’s a different story…

If you click Tools, and you see that Zoom function is disabled,
Tools Zoom - Disabled
you need to ask your Dynamics NAV administrator to provide additional permissions to be added to your user security settings. However, your system administrator, might not know how to do this… until now, that is! 🙂

How to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV?
1. Click Tools > Security > Roles.
Tools Zoom - Tools Security Roles

2. Click F3 (or Edit > New) and create a new Role (I have called it ZOOM).
Tools Zoom - Define Role ID and Name

3. Click Arrow Down button on the keyboard (to commit new role to the database), and then click Role > Permissions.
Tools Zoom - Click Role Permissions

4. Create a new permission record for Object Type: System, Object ID: 5330.
Tools Zoom - Create New Permission for System 5330

5. Click ESC a few times to go out of Permissions and then Roles windows. Go to your user (Windows or Database Login), click Roles, drill down into Role ID and select newly created ZOOM role. Click OK.
Tools Zoom - Drill down into Role ID and select ZOOM role

6. Synchronize security and ask user to retest Tools > Zoom function.
Tools Zoom - ClickTools Zoom Again


Tools Zoom - Vendor Zoom Window

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