How to take Dynamics NAV Backup (FBK)?

It is very easy to take Dynamics NAV Backup (FBK). In just a few steps, FBK is ready:
1. Click Tools > Backup:
How to take FBK backup - Tools Backup

2. Define backup properties:
How to take FBK backup - Settings

  • Select the type of backup you want to make. The options are: Entire Database, All Companies and Custom. I would usually select Entire Database, however sometimes, it might be quicker to select other options.
  • Define backup Description
  • Define File Name

Microsoft Dynamics NAV will suggest a consecutive numbering and the file extension .fbk. It is a good idea to use this system because Microsoft Dynamics NAV will use the same default when you import backups. It will also help you get a quick overview of the backups you have. The file name of the backup should include the path to the folder in which you want to store the backup.

3. Wait until the process will finish (depending on your database size this might take a while).

How to take FBK backup - Progress

4. Once backup is finished, you will get a confirmation message:
How to take FBK backup - Finished


However, be aware, that while you are taking backup of the system, other users might start shouting! It is very easy to take FBK backup, however you should do when other users are not very busy working in the system. Otherwise, they might start getting various “blocked” error messages like:

How to take FBK backup - Locked

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2 Responses to How to take Dynamics NAV Backup (FBK)?

  1. Andrius says:

    And you should also mention that any modification made on SQL level (stored procedures, views etc.) wouldn’t be taken into this backup.

  2. Quincy says:

    Thank you, its very helpful.

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