How to clear Change Log Entry table from SQL?

In my previous article about Change Log, I have explained how to clear Change Lot Entry table from Dynamics NAV. However, I also mentioned, that when clearing entries from Dynamics NAV, system is deleting only one change log entry at a time. To make the process faster and more resource-efficient, you can use this SQL query:


Removes all rows from a table without logging the individual
row deletions. TRUNCATE TABLE is similar to the DELETE statement
with no WHERE clause; however, TRUNCATE TABLE is faster and uses
fewer system and transaction log resources.

    [ { database_name .[ schema_name ] . | schema_name . } ]
[ ; ]


  [Demo Database NAV (6-0)].[dbo].
  [CRONUS UK Ltd_$Change Log Entry]

Compared to the DELETE statement (and to Change Log Entries being delete from Dynamics NAV), TRUNCATE TABLE has the following advantages:

  • Less transaction log space is used.
  • Fewer locks are typically used.
  • Without exception, zero pages are left in the table.

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  1. Rakshitha says:

    how update change log entry table of changed records in Navision through SQL server

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