How to find the size of the Company in Dynamics NAV?

I would like to share a quick and easy (well, maybe not the best way of doing things, but it gets results quite quickly) on how to check the size of the company in Dynamics NAV. Let’s say, you need to provide an estimate of how long data migration might take when doing Dynamics NAV upgrade. And there is one caveat – your database has 19 companies…

So, to check, where you will spend most of your data-migration time, it might be a good idea to check the size of your companies. And the last time I needed to do that, I followed these steps:

1. File > Database > Information
Company Size - File Database Information
2. Click on Tables
Company Size - Database Information
3. Select all records and click Edit > Copy (or CTRL+C)
Company Size - Database Information (Tables)
4. Open Excel and click Edit > Paste (or CTRL+V)
Company Size - Paste In Excel
5. Sort by column “Company Name” and subtotal by “Company Name”
Company Size -  Subtotal in Excel
6. This gets a total size for each company (calculated in KB – but in Excel it will be easy to change this into anything you like – MB, GB, etc)
Company Size - Size of companies


Here, we are utilizing default Dynamics NAV functionality “Database Information (Tables)” which allows us to check how effectively the database is being utilized. Each table has a set of values that tells you:

Company Name
The name of the company to which the table on the line belongs.

Table No.
The number of the table (each table in Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a unique number).

Table Name
The name of the table. This is not the name of the window that displays the table in the system, but the name that is used when you choose Tools, Object Designer. However, these names can often be the same.

No. of Records
The number of records (entries) in the table. By keeping track of how many new records have been added during a certain period, you can estimate the number of records you can expect in the next period. Combine this with the record size in the Record Size field and you can see whether you will have enough space in your database to meet your requirements.

Record Size
The average number of bytes per record in the table. This can be used as described under the Records field.

The total size of the table, in kilobytes.

If you know a better (faster or geekier) way of achieving same result, please let me know! Thank you.

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2 Responses to How to find the size of the Company in Dynamics NAV?

  1. Rune C. Foyn says:

    Do you know a way to accomplish a similar result in, say, NAV 2015?

  2. DynamicN says:


    How can we obtain this info in NAV15 or higher?

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