Error: You do not have permission to read the table

Dynamics NAV permissions can be either a very simple topic (if you need to add a table permissions to existing security setup), or a very complex one (if you need to create security roles/permissions from scratch for the first time).

In case of missing Dynamics NAV permissions, users will be getting error messages saying “You do not have permission to read/modify … table”:
Permissions - Error - You do not have permission to read the table

And it is quite easy to resolve such issue. All you need to do, is –
1) find which roles already have this permission and
2) add the missing role to user roles.

Find which roles already have this permission.

Click Tools > Security > Roles.
Permissions - Tools - Security - Roles

Click Role > Permissions.
Permissions - Role - Permissions

Click Show All (or Shift+Ctrl+F7).
Permissions - Show All

Click on Object Name column, then click Field Filter (or F7)
Permissions - Field Filter

and enter the table name (in our example, it was General Ledger Setup)
Permissions - Filter on General Ledger Setup

This will show us a screen of all permissions/roles where table has been used. You will notice, that ROLE column is not visible by default, but we can add it by right-clicking on the “Object Type” column, and clicking on Show Column
Permissions - Show Column

Click on “Role ID” to put a checkmark (to select the field) and
Permissions - Click on Role ID

click OK to come back to the list of permissions.
Permissions - Role List

So, you have found out which roles already have the permission to read “General Ledger Setup” table. Now, we need to add the missing role for the user who was getting the error message.

Add the missing role to user roles.
Click Tools > Security > Database Logins (or Windows Logins)
Permissions - Tools - Security - Database Logins

Find your user who reported that he is getting permissions error. Click Roles.
Permissions - Database Login USER1

Add the missing role. In this example, User1 had only 1 role, and did not have ALL role, so we will add “ALL” to user roles. Please note, that every user you create in Dynamics NAV, should have ALL role added to their security settings.
Permissions - Add Role ALL

After adding missing roles, click Tools > Security > Synchronize All Logins
Permissions - Tools - Security - Synchronize All Logins

and ask user to try running through the same functionality again, to see if permission error issue has been fixed.

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  1. Miklos Hollender says:

    Yeah, and then every user is blocked from working for half an hour until the synchronization runs.

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