How to test if Amyuni PDF Converter is working (outside of Dynamics NAV)

Ok, so you have installed Amyuni PDF Converter. You even tried modifying install.ini file for faster installation. Well done!

Now, shall we test whether your Amyuni PDF Converter is working correctly?

Go to C:\PDF Converter and created new folder Test:

Test - Create Folder

Create a new text file and name it Test Amyuni.VBS:

Test - Create VBS

Right-click > Edit:

Test - Edit VBS

Copy and paste this to the file and save the file (please note: this works with testing version 5):

Set PDF = CreateObject ("CDintfex.Cdintfex.5.0")
with PDF
‘Change to the printer name you normally install
.DriverInit "Amyuni PDF Converter"
.DefaultDirectory = "C:\PDF Converter\Test\"
.DefaultFileName = "C:\PDF Converter\Test\TestResult.pdf"
.FileNameOptions = 3
.BatchConvert "C:\PDF Converter\Test\TestFile.txt"
.FileNameOptions = 0
end with
Set PDF = Nothing

Create a new TestFile.txt:

Test - Create Text File

Double-click on Test Amynui.VBS.

If this generated TestResult.PDF file, your printer has been installed (and license activated) correctly.

Test - Print to PDF

That was easy!? 🙂

Next, we will have a look at how to develop for Amyuni PDF Converter in Dynamics NAV and how to test whether it works with Dynamics NAV.

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