How to install Amyuni PDF Converter for Dynamics NAV

When you buy AmyUni PDF, you will get an email with a link and your username/password. Once logged in, you will be able to retrieve any versions that you have previously bought by clicking “Version X.X – Download”.

PDF Converter PRO Developer

This will download an archive file. Extract it on your C:\ drive as:

PDF Converter

For printing from Dynamics NAV, we are interested only in PDF Converter Printer Driver folder:

PDF Converter Printer Driver

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories.
Right click on Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator”:

Command Promt - Run as Administrator

Go to the folder C:\PDF Converter\PDF Converter Printer Driver by typing command:
cd C:\PDF Converter\PDF Converter Printer Driver

Command Prompt - CD

Type in the command “install -u” (this will make sure that, if there were any previous versions of Amyuni PDF printer installed, they will get uninstalled)

Command Prompt - uninstall

To install new version, type the command “install”. This may take a few minutes. When install is finished, system will display a message saying “Printer setup succeeded”.

Command Prompt - install

To check this, we can go to “Start > Devices and Printers” and we will see printer “Amyuni DF Converter”.

Installed Amyuni PDF Converter

Right-click on the “Amyuni PDF Converter” and select “Printer Properties“:

Printer Properties

Go to “About” tab and click on “” button and enter your company name and your license activation code.

Licensed To

That’s it – Amyuni PDF Printer has been installed!

Tip: Let’s say you want to install Amyuni PDF Printer on several computers (you will need it installed on every computer from which you will be printing reports to PDF in Dynamics NAV). Is there a way of skipping the setup part? Of course, there is!

PDF Converter install ini

If you would go to C:\PDF Converter\PDF Converter Printer Driver and open “install.ini” file, you can define “YOUR COMPANY NAME” and “YOUR ACTIVATION CODE”. You can also change the printer name – instead of “Amyuni PDF Converter” you could call printer “Dynamics NAV PDF Converter”. Once the install.ini file is updated, when you run “install” command in command line, printer will be installed and setup automatically.

Next, we will have a look at how to test if Amyuni PDF Converter has been installed correctly.

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