Amyuni PDF Converter for Dynamics NAV

“I want to send out my reports from NAV as PDF files”.

This is quite a common request and there are many ways of achieving this. In newer Dynamics NAV versions you can use SAVEASPDF function, but in older Dynamics NAV versions, you would need a PDF printer. In this series I will have a look on how we can use Amyuni PDF Converter for Dynamics NAV.

If you are a developer and you have been given a task of creating modification for sending out reports as emails with PDF attachments (and one of the requirements is to use Amyuni PDF Converter), I know you will find this information useful.

If you are using some other PDF Printer, you can skip┬áthese upcoming series of posts. I will not be mad ­čÖé

We will cover these topics:

  • How to install Amyuni PDF Converter for Dynamics NAV
  • How to test if Amyuni PDF Converter is working (outside of Dynamics NAV)
  • How to use Amyuni PDF in C/AL
  • How to test if AmyUni PDF is working (within Dynamics NAV)
  • How to send printed PDF file by email
  • Most common problems for Amyuni PDF
  • Alternatives for Amyuni PDF

If you have any questions/suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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1 Response to Amyuni PDF Converter for Dynamics NAV

  1. Capone says:

    Interesting, we have been using amyuni a lot and I definitely will save this as reference when we need to do more amyuni.

    One thing on my todo list is to check if you can use amyuni to combine PDF-documents and send them to a normal printer.

    A customer want to print shipment information (STD NAV) together with fact sheets (separate PDF:s) and then get them both printed on the local printer.

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