How to save a few hours when working with Menusuite assignments

Have you ever spent hours adding people to different MenuSuites (that is, taking people of the MenuSuite items one at a time)? If not, count yourself lucky! If you have… you must have thought “there must be a better way of doing this“? Ages ago, after spending a few days assigning various users to different MenuSuites, I was looking for a better way.

MenuSuite Assign Users

And, I have found one!

Let me introduce you to table 2000000061 “User Menu Level”. If we would jump in and open the table, we will see that there are up to two records per user, where “Level” is:

  • User Changes¬†– this is where you right-click on the Menusuite and “Hide” an option. You can remove the menus that you don’t use and the changes will be saved under “User Changes” option.
  • User Restrictions – this is where, administrator when into the Menusuite designer, right-clicked on the menu option and selected “Assign Users…”. In doing so, Administrator can remove menu options, that user should not be able to see. All these changes will be saved under “User Restrictions” option.

The beautiful thing is that all these changes to a menusuite are being saved in “Object” field in table¬†2000000061 “User Menu Level”. This means, that if we have done required restrictions for one user and we need to implement same restrictions to antoher user, we can just re-use first changes. If you find yourself in situation where you are assigning a lot of users to specific menusuite options, this will save hours of your life!

Let’s say, we have a new user and we need to assign him to the same menusuites as user TOMAS. All we would need to do, is to go into Windows Access Control table, select “System Restrictions” record, copy, paste it, click OK for a warning message and retype the new username instead of Tomas. Job’s done!

Did you know about this table? Have you ever used it? Let me know your thoughts!

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