How to save a few hours when working with Menusuite assignments

Have you ever spent hours adding people to different MenuSuites (that is, taking people of the MenuSuite items one at a time)? If not, count yourself lucky! If you have… you must have thought “there must be a better way of doing this“? Ages ago, after spending a few days assigning various users to different […]

Error: You do not have permission to read the 0 table.

There are quite a few error messages you can get when setting up Dynamics NAV security – database is invalid or cannot be access, you do not have permissions to read the table, etc, etc. And once you have seen them, next time you will know (more or less) possible solution for it. And I […]

PasswordText Property in Dynamics NAV and Why You Shouldn’t Use it?

There is a text box property in Dynamics NAV which allows to display asterisks (******) instead of actual text value. It’s called “PasswordText” Property. PasswordText Property Yes if you want to display the asterisks; otherwise, No. The default is No. Usually I have seen it being used for storing various passwords like password for FTP […]

What Permissions Do You Need to Take FBK Backup in Dynamics NAV?

Yesterday, I have written quite a simple (and, to be fair, quite boring) post about how to take FBK backup in Dynamics NAV. However, I have not mentioned, what kind of permissions you need to have, in order to be able to take FBK backup. And if you would ask seasoned Dynamics NAV consultants what […]

How to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV?

If you are a developer, most likely you have never had to ask how to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV, because you would normally be a SUPER user in development environment. And, if you have a SUPER role, you have access to this menu option anyway. However, if you are not a […]

Error: You do not have permission to read the table

Dynamics NAV permissions can be either a very simple topic (if you need to add a table permissions to existing security setup), or a very complex one (if you need to create security roles/permissions from scratch for the first time). In case of missing Dynamics NAV permissions, users will be getting error messages saying “You […]