How to connect to Dynamics NAV 2015 with one click?

How can you connect to Dynamics NAV with one click? Ok, ok… I may have oversold you on the idea of “one click”. In fact, it is one double-click. You could do it so easily with Dynamics NAV Classic client – create a shortcut and define connection string (using properties SERVERNAME, DATABASE, COMPANY). Easy! But […]

Jump between tabs on Dynamics NAV form with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + Page Up, CTRL + Page Down I must admit, I am an avid mouse user. I like to click everywhere when working… and while doing that I feel in control. I know it’s inefficient and I adore geeks (and old school accountants) who manage to work with Dynamics NAV without mouse […]

The fastest way to select a customer on sales order in Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV RoleTailored client is all about PRODUCTIVITY. You have as much needed information as possible on one screen, so you could work more efficiently. When in Dynamics NAV Classic client (older versions, that is), in order to be productive, you had to be uber-geek and remember all keyboard shortcuts, in Dynamics NAV RTC client […]