How to use FINDSET function in Dynamics NAV?

So, do you know how to use FINDSET function? Of course you do… you always use it like IF FINDSET THEN REPEAT UNTIL… right? You have it in your blood. You have used it so many times… you can’t even remember when was the first time you have used FINDSET. This must be the easiest […]

How to Create Additional No. Series For the Same Document?

Just a few days ago, I have written How to Create No. Series in Dynamics NAV, and today I got one more question about No. Series. How to create an use additional No. Series for the same document type? For example, let’s say, that you want to use one number series, for most of your customers: […]

Application Method Field on Customer Card, Payments Tab

Recently, I have been asked what is the use of Application Method field on Customer card, on Payments tab? Without looking at the field, my initial response was Huh? (I have never used this field before). I quickly jumped into CRONUS UK database and filtered customer list setting Application Method <> Manual. The result – […]

How to Create Setup Questionnaire in Dynamics NAV?

If you would restore a CRONUS database (with intention to check out the Setup Questionnaire which I have mentioned yesterday), you might be a little bit disappointed when you go into Administration > Application Setup > Company Setup > Setup Questionnaire – you can’t find any data! That is because you need to create (or […]

View > Go To Definition (CTRL + F12)

What is keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F12 used for? Yes, that would be my Dynamics NAV technical interview question for you. If you spend at least a little bit time of doing development, hopefully, you are aware of function  the View > Go To Definition. And what a time-saver it is! While working in one codeunit, you […]

How does “Blocked” field work on Item card?

There are some things in Dynamics NAV that you take for granted. For exmaple, “Blocked” field on Item card, what does it do? Well, it should be self-explanatory, if you put a checkmark on “Blocked”, you will block the item, hence, you will not be able to use it anymore, right? Well, yes and no. […]

Automatic Cost Posting Field in Inventory Setup Table

What is “Automatic Cost Posting” field in Warehouse > Setup > Inventory Setup used for? What is the difference between having the “Automatic Cost Posting” field value set to “Yes” and “No“? According to Dynamics NAV help files: A check mark in this field indicates that the program will use the Automatic Cost Posting function. […]