What SQL permissions do you need to upload a Dynamics NAV license file?

Whenever you get a new license file from your partner, in order to activate the new license file, you need to upload the license file to your server. However, sometimes, you may get an error when uploading the license file. So far, I have seen two error messages, that users usually get: The following ODBC error […]

Error when exporting budget to Excel – The call to member Add failed. Microsoft Office Excel returned the following message: That name is not valid.

Sometimes you get a question, which seems so easy, that you know the answer instantly. You need to follow simple steps and the issue will be resolved. However, just to be sure (before giving the answer) you try the solution yourself, and you bang your head into another, totally different issue. Today, I was trying […]

Functions > Reverse Transaction… on Customer Ledger Entries Form in Dynamics NAV

Have you ever noticed a function called Reverse Transaction… on Customer Ledger Entries form? Have you ever needed to use it? Do you know when you can use it? Functions > Reverse Transaction… is part of default Dynamics NAV functionality, however it cannot be used on all Customer Ledger Entries. There are a few prerequisites to […]

How to Delete Obsolete Dynamics NAV Objects?

Recently, I was asked how to remove obsolete Dynamics NAV objects. Client was trying to delete one old object (I have recreated this scenario on my local CRONUS database to show you an example), but getting error message saying You do not have permission to delete the table: And, fair enough, the object was not in the […]

Error: You do not have permission to read the table

Dynamics NAV permissions can be either a very simple topic (if you need to add a table permissions to existing security setup), or a very complex one (if you need to create security roles/permissions from scratch for the first time). In case of missing Dynamics NAV permissions, users will be getting error messages saying “You […]

How to copy error message when you can’t take a screenshot?

I would like to share quick and easy tip which I use almost everyday (I saw on mibuso forum, back in 2007). If you get an error message and for some reason you can’t take a screenshot of it (let’s face it, if you will ask for someone’s help with this error message, you will […]

Dynamics NAV Error: The operating system returned the error (131): An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file.

I just love how various Dynamics NAV error messages mean totally different things for people working in different departments. For example, if you received error message (usually, when exporting data to Excel): The operating system returned error (131): An attempt was made to move the file pointer before the beginning of the file. And you […]

Error: String is too small for insertion of %# fields

Sometimes you learn something new about Dynamics NAV features when you get an error first and then you troubleshoot the issue. This time, I have found myself “a bug or feature” for function STRSUBSTNO about which kriki blogged already (yes, the first thing you do, when you get an error message which you haven’t seen […]

Error: The Help System has been corrupted. Ensure that the .hh files are correctly installed.

How often do you read the Dynamics NAV manuals (and help files) before asking for help from your collegues? If you are doing this often enough, you will know that in Dynamics NAV it is quite easy to find additional information just by clicking on the field in question and then clicking F1. Also, if […]