When does Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 support end?

When does Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 support end? Well… I’ve written back in 2011 saying “how often do you get a question – is Dynamics NAV 4.3 still supported?” and I am feeling a little bit of Déjà vu now, when we talk about Dynamics NAV 2009 R2. Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 has […]

How to connect to Dynamics NAV 2015 with one click?

How can you connect to Dynamics NAV with one click? Ok, ok… I may have oversold you on the idea of “one click”. In fact, it is one double-click. You could do it so easily with Dynamics NAV Classic client – create a shortcut and define connection string (using properties SERVERNAME, DATABASE, COMPANY). Easy! But […]

How to save a few hours when working with Menusuite assignments

Have you ever spent hours adding people to different MenuSuites (that is, taking people of the MenuSuite items one at a time)? If not, count yourself lucky! If you have… you must have thought “there must be a better way of doing this“? Ages ago, after spending a few days assigning various users to different […]

How to find the Build Number in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

When logging support queries with Microsoft, you are almost always required to provide the build number of your Dynamics NAV version. And, I am sure, most of us have an idea on how to find the build number. At least, when I got this question in the past, without thiking too much, I would find […]

Dynamics NAV virtual table 2000000043 “License Permission”

Did you know that in Dynamics NAV you can quickly check your license permissions by reviewing virtual table License Permission? Go to Object Designer (Shift+F12), click on “Form” button and click New (Ctrl+N) to create a new form. Enter “License Permission” into “Table” field (or if you are doing this in front of someone and […]

How do you remove field delimiters in Dynamics NAV Dataport?

I know, I know… dataports are so “stone age” and we could use so many more different options with newer technology! But there are plenty of customers out there who are still running older navision versions (3.6, 3.7). And once in a while, you might get a request to create a simple dataport. So, let’s […]

Error: The Help System has been corrupted. Ensure that the .hh files are correctly installed.

How often do you read the Dynamics NAV manuals (and help files) before asking for help from your collegues? If you are doing this often enough, you will know that in Dynamics NAV it is quite easy to find additional information just by clicking on the field in question and then clicking F1. Also, if […]

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 – Worldwide General Availability – December 15, 2010!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team blog announced general availability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 (can it sound more formal?). What does it mean for us, people for whom Navision became bread and butter? Well… If you haven’t heard of Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, you’d better catch up – there are only a few days left! […]

How to select more than 1 record on LookUp form?

I’ve seen quite a few modifications for Dynamics NAV, where users would select a few records on the list form and then would do something with them (for example, you could print selected invoices to PDF files, you could add selected items to the sales order , etc. I guess, only developer’s imagination is end-user’s […]

Field Numbering in Dynamics NAV

Last Friday I received recently published “Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009” book (written by David Studebaker). Thanks Amazon for the quick delivery! So, my Saturday morning started with a big mug of coffee and David’s book. I would not call myself a newbie anymore when it comes to Dynamics NAV development, however I decided to […]