How to test if Amyuni PDF Converter is working (outside of Dynamics NAV)

Ok, so you have installed Amyuni PDF Converter. You even tried modifying install.ini file for faster installation. Well done! Now, shall we test whether your Amyuni PDF Converter is working correctly? Go to C:\PDF Converter and created new folder Test: Create a new text file and name it Test Amyuni.VBS: Right-click > Edit: Copy and […]

How to install Amyuni PDF Converter for Dynamics NAV

When you buy AmyUni PDF, you will get an email with a link and your username/password. Once logged in, you will be able to retrieve any versions that you have previously bought by clicking “Version X.X – Download”. This will download an archive file. Extract it on your C:\ drive as: For printing from Dynamics […]

Amyuni PDF Converter for Dynamics NAV

“I want to send out my reports from NAV as PDF files”. This is quite a common request and there are many ways of achieving this. In newer Dynamics NAV versions you can use SAVEASPDF function, but in older Dynamics NAV versions, you would need a PDF printer. In this series I will have a […]