Error: You do not have permission to read the 0 table.

There are quite a few error messages you can get when setting up Dynamics NAV security – database is invalid or cannot be access, you do not have permissions to read the table, etc, etc. And once you have seen them, next time you will know (more or less) possible solution for it. And I thought I have seen all of them by now. However, today, I’ve seen one more error, which I have seen before, but the cause of it was different! You do not have perission to read the 0 table (SUPER user was trying to create another SUPER user and received this error message).

You do not have permission to read the 0 table - Error

So, what could have caused this?

Firstly (when dealing with permissions, I always do this first, I am not even sure why), Tools > Security > Synchronize All Logins worked without any errors.

Then, in SQL Management Studio, I have checked Server Roles for user (Database Login РUSER1): sysadmin and public should be sufficient. Also, User Mapping (public and db_owner are more than sufficient!).

So, what else do you need to be able to create a new SUPER user (to assign SUPER role to existing user)? Because of above sql permissions, USER2 was created successfully, but the error message would appear when trying to add “SUPER” role.

Well… thinking down the lines of default Dynamics NAV functionality, you need to have SUPER role yourself. So, I have logged in as USER1 and checked it’s permissions. And, instantly, I’ve got he “aaahhhaaa!” moment. What’s wrong with permissions below?

You do not have permission to read the 0 table - Filter On Company Field

That’s right! SUPER user was limited to a specific company. In order to be able to add “SUPER” role (without Company filter), you need to have “SUPER” role, without company filter. Simple!

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  1. Suvidha says:

    Very useful tip. Thank you so much!

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