PasswordText Property in Dynamics NAV and Why You Shouldn’t Use it?

There is a text box property in Dynamics NAV which allows to display asterisks (******) instead of actual text value. It’s called “PasswordText” Property.

PasswordText Property
Yes if you want to display the asterisks; otherwise, No. The default is No.

PasswordText Property - Yes or No

Usually I have seen it being used for storing various passwords like password for FTP login, or password for logging to some different Dynamics NAV interfaces.

But, personally, I don’t really like this property, because it gives you a false sense of security, that your password is protected. In fact, it’s just a property on the presentation level (your form, or page), however actual data (your password) is not being protected on the table level.

Coupled with the fact, that setting up security in Dynamics NAV is not the easiest tasks (and you might have a few SUPER users in the system), your password on the form level:
PasswordText Property - Yes

might reveal itself when using Tools > Zoom
PasswordText Property - No

That’s were you might want to rethink, if enabling Tools > Zoom functionality for users is a really good idea.

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