How To Stay On Top Of Dynamics NAV (Navision)

Start Your Day With A Cup of Dynamics NAV
Everyone of us have a morning ritual (even if we do not know about it yet): getting a local newspaper while on the way to work, grabbing a cup of strong coffee (or breakfast tea with too much milk) while trying shake yourself into the working state, pretending you are not sleepy while you are snoozing away on a train in the middle of your commute. Somehow running or any kind of morning exercise is not even crossing my mind while everyone around me in white collars, black suits, polished shoes seem to hurry to their own cubicles.

I also have my own morning ritual which strangely starts with a cup of coffee… and a cup of Dynamics NAV. I love to come early in the office and while no one (or very few people) is around to dig in into the world of Dynamics NAV news. I know there will always be enough of work to do, but maybe today, maybe this morning I’ll find a way of doing it better than yesterday, better than last week, better than last year. Dynamics NAV is rapidly growing, getting bigger, more user-friendly and better, so why shouldn’t all of us?

Dynamics NAV RSS Feeds (Google Reader)
Subscribe to Dynamics NAV | Navision Google Alerts
It was easy in the past (now, I sound like old geek) to search information about Dynamics NAV (Navision). It was really easy, because information was scarce. You could visit most of (or even all) web pages that consisted at least some useful information about Dynamics NAV. However, as product is growing, people surrounding this ERP software are also getting better. A number of really skilled experts are sharing their knowledge with others. Well, even Microsoft guys started blogging and reaching for information seekers. And with a proper list of Microsoft Dynamics NAV RSS feeds, I always (almost) have what to read with my first cup of coffee.

Dynamics NAV Around World (Google Alerts)
It is easy to compile a list of blogs worth reading and stick to it. Which, of course, is a really good starting point. However, in order to keep current with Dynamics NAV, we need to get newest information available. Blogs like NAV Developer, NAV Reporting, NAV UK Team were not there two years ago. Which means there will sprout more useful blogs in the future. And the easiest way so far, to find new sources of information is to use Google Alerts. You set up automatic alerts once, and you get daily (or weekly) dose of news around the web.

Dynamics NAV News Real-Time (Twitter)
Navision on Twitter
Another way of getting real-time news about Dynamics NAV, is to start using twitter. It is amazing what some of the guys sharing information might write in 140 characters! Before starting to build your own list of RSS feeds, or creating your own Google Alerts, maybe you should start following @navision.

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2 Responses to How To Stay On Top Of Dynamics NAV (Navision)

  1. Ian Crocker says:

    It’s quite exciting to see the explosion in online Dynamics NAV content over the past 2-3 years.

    And Google Alerts are fantastic, you’re right – a great tool for discovering content which might otherwise slip underneath the radar.

    Your blog for instance – discovered via Google Alerts and added to my list of feeds 🙂

    What’s your Twitter username by the way?


  2. Ian Crocker says:

    Sorry, just realized, your @navision – doh! Already following you 🙂

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