How do you remove field delimiters in Dynamics NAV Dataport?

I know, I know… dataports are so “stone age” and we could use so many more different options with newer technology! But there are plenty of customers out there who are still running older navision versions (3.6, 3.7). And once in a while, you might get a request to create a simple dataport. So, let’s say we have only a few requirements. Export item record details to text file:

  • One line per item
  • Fields to be exported: Item No., Description, Inventory
  • Format to be used:
    • ITEMNUMBER01,Item 1 Description,10
    • ITEMNUMBER02,Item 2 Description,20
    • ITEMNUMBER03,Item 3 Description,40

Sounds easy? Well, it should, if you have done this at least once. If not… the first question (after running the dataport and getting exported file) is –

Exported file with field delimiters

– how do you remove field delimiters (those quotes in the text file) in Dataport? The default value for FieldStartDelimiter and FieldEndDelimiter is set to quote (<“>).

Default values for field delimiters

And if you try to delete the value (or enter blank value by hitting space), it is set back to default value automatically. I have seen this question being asked quite a few times in forums and I have been asked this question in the past as well.

Therefore, you either need to know what values you can enter to this field (or, once again, just use help by clicking F1).

Help explanation for FieldDelimiter property

To answer the question quickly, you do not need to “remove” the delimiters. You need to “define” the value which would mean blank/empty delimiter. Therefore, in order to remove field delimiters in Dataport, you need to set “FieldStartDelimiter” and “FieldEndDelimiter” to <None>.

Set FieldDelimiters to None

Exported file without field delimiters

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10 Responses to How do you remove field delimiters in Dynamics NAV Dataport?

  1. Armonds says:

    I see one more common problem with DataPorts in your example. Using symbol in FieldSeparator property that is also included in data.

    You use comma as field separator and also as thousands separator for numbers.

    That will result in error if you will try to import such data.

  2. Emil says:

    Happened again! Should have been TAB in pointy brackets… 🙁

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  4. Larry Jones says:

    How do you dynamically remove the delimiters? Any way to remove it from just some fields and not others in code?

  5. Ronald Kanyike says:

    The question is how do you remove those delimiters from XML ports in Dynamics NAV 2013?

  6. Ronald Kanyike says:

    I have actually identified a solution. Just type in the Field delimiter property.

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