How to Create Additional No. Series For the Same Document?

Just a few days ago, I have written How to Create No. Series in Dynamics NAV, and today I got one more question about No. Series. How to create an use additional No. Series for the same document type? For example, let’s say, that you want to use one number series, for most of your customers: […]

Application Method Field on Customer Card, Payments Tab

Recently, I have been asked what is the use of Application Method field on Customer card, on Payments tab? Without looking at the field, my initial response was Huh? (I have never used this field before). I quickly jumped into CRONUS UK database and filtered customer list setting Application Method <> Manual. The result – […]

Functions > Reverse Transaction… on Customer Ledger Entries Form in Dynamics NAV

Have you ever noticed a function called Reverse Transaction… on Customer Ledger Entries form? Have you ever needed to use it? Do you know when you can use it? Functions > Reverse Transaction… is part of default Dynamics NAV functionality, however it cannot be used on all Customer Ledger Entries. There are a few prerequisites to […]

Dimensions – Detail Report in Dynamics NAV

Default Dynamics NAV reports. You either hate them, or you love them. You either use them consistently, or you don’t even know they exist. So, let’s have a look at a one of default Dynamics NAV reports called Dimensions – Detail Report. Financial Management > General Ledger > Reports > Dimensions – Detail Dimension – […]

How to Copy a General Posting Setup Line

It’s not something that you do everyday, however, once in a while, you do need to create a new General Posting Setup Line. Usually, I see people going into Financial Management > Setup > Posting Groups > Posting Setup, creating a new entry, defining Gen. Bus. Posting Group and Gen. Prod. Posting Group, and then […]

How to Manually Create New No. Series in Dynamics NAV

No. Series is used in Dynamics NAV to set up all the number series that you will use in your company for various records (like Item, Customer, Vendor, etc.), various documents (like quotes, orders, invoices, etc.), and journals (templates, batches, lines). How to Manually Create New No. Series in Dynamics NAV 1. Go to Administration > […]

How to Import Setup Questionnaire Answers to a New Company in Dynamics NAV

Once you have created Setup Questionnaire in Dynamics NAV (and exported questions to Excel file),  you can send these questions to your customer. Customer will need to answer these questions and then the file will become the foundation for your initial set ups for the new company in Dynamics NAV. How to Import Setup Questionnaire Answers […]

How to Create Setup Questionnaire in Dynamics NAV?

If you would restore a CRONUS database (with intention to check out the Setup Questionnaire which I have mentioned yesterday), you might be a little bit disappointed when you go into Administration > Application Setup > Company Setup > Setup Questionnaire – you can’t find any data! That is because you need to create (or […]

What is Setup Questionnaire in Dynamics NAV?

If you are working for end-user company, most likely you have never seen Administration > Application Setup > Company Setup > Setup Questionnaire in Dynamics NAV (and most likely, you will never need to see it). However, if you are Dynamics NAV consultant constantly working with new implementations (or at least, if you are preparing for […]

Stockout Warning Field in Sales & Receivables Setup Table in Dynamics NAV

In Stockout Warning field you can specify whether you want the program to warn you when a sale will result in a negative inventory for an inventory item. Dynamics NAV will base its warning on a calculation that includes all posted item entries plus sales order lines that have not yet been posted. Stockout Warning The […]