Cost is Adjusted Field in Item Table

Cost is Adjusted field contains a check mark if the item’s unit cost has been adusted, either automatically or manually. By saying “automatically“, I actually refer to Warehouse > Setup > Inventory Setup, fields “Automatic Cost Posting” and “Automatic Cost Adjustment”. Depending on this setup, your item costs might get updated with every transaction posted. […]

Shipment on Invoice Field in Sales & Receivables Setup

Shipment on Invoice Field in Sales & Receivables Setup Table If you place a check mark in this field, the program will automatically create a posted shipment, in addition to a posted invoice, when you post an invoice. If you leave the field blank, the program will create only a posted invoice when you post. What […]

Writing about Dynamics NAV

It’s very easy to write about Dynamics NAV. Especially, when you breathe it (live with it, work with it, and love it) everyday. You encounter issues you have seen already. You create solutions (or optimize ones) that someone else has already created. You get asked questions that have been asked previously. You work in your […]

Credit Warnings Field in The Sales & Receivables Setup Table in Dynamics NAV

In Credit Warnings Field in the Sales & Receivables Setup you can specify whether you want the program to give a warning about the customer’s status when you create a sales order or invoice, or not. I have seen to many times, end-users being blind to warnings (even with written instructions), just clicking OK, to get […]

How to Disable Tools > Zoom Function in Dynamics NAV

We can quite easily disable ShortCutKeys in Dynamics NAV by creating hidden Menus (with keyboard shortcuts assigned to them). However, how do we disable Tools > Zoom Function in Dynamics NAV? How do we hide sensitive data from SUPER users? Of course, we could encrypt the data, so it would not make sense for a […]

How to disable CTRL+F8 on Dynamics NAV Form?

I have written about how to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV. I have also pointed out the weakness of using Tools > Zoom function (for example, when hiding passwords). However, there is a way to disable keyboard shortcut CTRL+F8 on a specific form. How to disable CTRL+F8 on Dynamics NAV Form? Add […]

Check G/L Account Usage Field The General Ledger Setup Table

There are a few places in Dynamics NAV, where you set them up once, and then forget. Unless,  you do a new installation, you don’t really need to go through these setup fields again. One, of these fields is Check G/L Account Usage Field in The General Ledger Setup Table. Firstly, you need to know, […]

Shipment/Receipt Posting Policy in Dynamics NAV

If you would go to Departments > Administration > Application Setup > Warehouse > Warehouse, and then in Tasks, click Warehouse Setup. On the right side of the General FastTab, you will notice two fields: Receipt Posting Policy and Shipment Posting Policy. This field [shipment/receipt posting policy] contains the policy that the program follows when […]

What is the functionality behind On Hold field in Vendor Ledger Entry Table?

Once in a while, you get a question about default Dynamics NAV functionality, and you think you know the answer… What is the functionality behind “On Hold” field in Vendor Ledger Entries? Sounds easy… You use this field to block vendor ledger entries from being paid when using Suggest Vendor Payments batch job in Payment […]