Error: The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server cannot connect to the Change Listener to SQL Server because of the following error

————————— Microsoft Dynamics NAV ————————— The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server cannot connect the Change Listener to SQL Server because of the following error: Cannot open database “Demo Database NAV (6-0)” requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE’. ————————— OK ————————— According to Murphy’s Tech Law – New systems […]

Calculate Whse. Adjustment Batch Job in Dynamics NAV

There are so many different questions you could ask about Inventory and Warehouse in Dynamics NAV (inventory costs, inventory levels, inventory valuations, discrepancies between inventory and warehouse, etc.), but most of the answers could start with “Have you ran Functions > Calculate Whse. Adjustment batch job in Item Journal?” What is Calculate Whse. Adjustment Batch […]

OptionString Property in Dynamics NAV (and outside)

Once in a while, you will need to write a quick report in SQL Reporting Services, or in Excel, while reading data from Dynamics NAV. And, usually, that is quite easy, if you are familiar with database structure and if you know in which fields and in which tables you can find the data you […]

PasswordText Property in Dynamics NAV and Why You Shouldn’t Use it?

There is a text box property in Dynamics NAV which allows to display asterisks (******) instead of actual text value. It’s called “PasswordText” Property. PasswordText Property Yes if you want to display the asterisks; otherwise, No. The default is No. Usually I have seen it being used for storing various passwords like password for FTP […]

What Permissions Do You Need to Take FBK Backup in Dynamics NAV?

Yesterday, I have written quite a simple (and, to be fair, quite boring) post about how to take FBK backup in Dynamics NAV. However, I have not mentioned, what kind of permissions you need to have, in order to be able to take FBK backup. And if you would ask seasoned Dynamics NAV consultants what […]

How to take Dynamics NAV Backup (FBK)?

It is very easy to take Dynamics NAV Backup (FBK). In just a few steps, FBK is ready: 1. Click Tools > Backup: 2. Define backup properties: Select the type of backup you want to make. The options are: Entire Database, All Companies and Custom. I would usually select Entire Database, however sometimes, it might […]

How to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV?

If you are a developer, most likely you have never had to ask how to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV, because you would normally be a SUPER user in development environment. And, if you have a SUPER role, you have access to this menu option anyway. However, if you are not a […]

How to Delete Obsolete Dynamics NAV Objects?

Recently, I was asked how to remove¬†obsolete¬†Dynamics NAV objects. Client was trying to delete one old object (I have recreated this scenario on my local CRONUS database to show you an example), but getting error message saying You do not have permission to delete the table: And, fair enough, the object was not in the […]

How to import Dynamics NAV objects from a backup (*.FBK)?

A few days ago I have written a post about how to import Dynamics NAV objects (*.FOB) file. Armonds commented (thank you!) that not many people know that you can also import Dynamics NAV objects from the backup (*.FBK) file. Did you guys know this? I have encountered this functionality in the past, when one […]

Import Worksheet in Dynamics NAV

Quite often I get questions about importing new objects to Dynamics NAV. How to import the FOB file? Why Import Worksheet was not opened? Why do I get error when importing the FOB file? Why do I need to click Replace All in Import Worksheet? Can I use “Merge” option? So, I thought, it would […]