How to change Unit of Measure for Bin Contents record in Dynamics NAV

When trying to change status for production order from released to finished in Dynamics NAV, I have received error message saying: “The Bin Content does not exist“. After further analysis, I have found that production order had components set to be backflushed, so the first thought – we don’t have enough stock! However, the stock […]

Error: Login failed for user ‘username’. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

Last week, when testing Extended Demo Database, when logging to SQL server with Dynamics NAV client, I received error message saying: “Login failed for user ‘username’. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.” This got me thinking… what did I do differentlly? I was able to login just a minute ago […]

Error: You cannot print in a report where the property ProcessingOnly is set to Yes

I wanted to share a quick tip (or rather a possible solution for another Dynamics NAV erorr message). If you will ever receive error message saying: ————————— Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic ————————— You cannot print in a report where the property ‘ProcessingOnly’ is set to ‘Yes’. ————————— OK ————————— Remember, that there are two things […]

Extended Demo Database Backups for Dynamics NAV has been released on PartnerSource

According to Про Navision, Алексей Финогенов, Microsoft has just released a new set of Dynamics NAV backups with more DEMO data in them – extended demo database backups. And by more, we mean a lot more – previously, CRONUS database was limited to only 26 days of real demo data. The extended demo database will add […]

Error: You do not have permission to read the table

Dynamics NAV permissions can be either a very simple topic (if you need to add a table permissions to existing security setup), or a very complex one (if you need to create security roles/permissions from scratch for the first time). In case of missing Dynamics NAV permissions, users will be getting error messages saying “You […]

Error: Item Entry Relation Item Entry No. 0 does not exist

You must love Dynamics NAV error messages! Once in a while (yes, I am using this expression again!) you get error message in Dynamics NAV which does not make any sense and it does not seem to be related to what you were doing. For example, let’s take error message “Item Entry Relation Item Entry […]

How to find which language modules are you licensed to use?

I was recently asked a question “what’s the difference between Irish (IE) and British (GB) localizations of Dynamics NAV?“. The answer to this question wasn’t that interesting, as at least from functionality (objects) perspective, the releases are identical. I wonder if there are any differences in costs associated with buying Dynamics NAV in Great Britain […]

Error: The following ODBC error occurred: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Database is invalid or cannot be accessed State ID: HY024

I have written how to upload (and why to use Upload function) Dynamics NAV license file already. In the past, I have also have shown how to do this a number of times for consultants, developers and end-users. And once in a while, I would get another question – when I am trying to upload […]