What SQL permissions do you need to upload a Dynamics NAV license file?

Whenever you get a new license file from your partner, in order to activate the new license file, you need to upload the license file to your server. However, sometimes, you may get an error when uploading the license file. So far, I have seen two error messages, that users usually¬†get: The following ODBC error […]

OptionString Property in Dynamics NAV (and outside)

Once in a while, you will need to write a quick report in SQL Reporting Services, or in Excel, while reading data from Dynamics NAV. And, usually, that is quite easy, if you are familiar with database structure and if you know in which fields and in which tables you can find the data you […]

How to find the size of Dynamics NAV database in SQL Server Management Studio?

I have shown you, how easy it is to find the size of the database from Dynamics NAV client. However sometimes you need to get the same information without the luxury of running Dynamics NAV client. For this, you can turn to SQL Server Management Studio… Similar as in Dynamics NAV, you can achieve same […]

How to clear Change Log Entry table from SQL?

In my previous article about Change Log, I have explained how to clear Change Lot Entry table from Dynamics NAV. However, I also mentioned, that when clearing entries from Dynamics NAV, system is deleting only one change log entry at a time. To make the process faster and more resource-efficient, you can use this SQL […]

What Version of SQL Server Am I Running?

How often do you find yourself thinking “what version of sql server am I running?”. I bet, it happened more than once… If so, you might find this what version of sql server am I running query quite useful: SELECT substring(@@VERSION,1,26) + ‘ (‘ + — Full SQL Version + CAST(SERVERPROPERTY(‘productversion’) AS VARCHAR) + ‘) […]