How to use FINDSET function in Dynamics NAV?

So, do you know how to use FINDSET function? Of course you do… you always use it like IF FINDSET THEN REPEAT UNTIL… right? You have it in your blood. You have used it so many times… you can’t even remember when was the first time you have used FINDSET. This must be the easiest […]

How to Disable Tools > Zoom Function in Dynamics NAV

We can quite easily disable ShortCutKeys in Dynamics NAV by creating hidden Menus (with keyboard shortcuts assigned to them). However, how do we disable Tools > Zoom Function in Dynamics NAV? How do we hide sensitive data from SUPER users? Of course, we could encrypt the data, so it would not make sense for a […]

How to disable CTRL+F8 on Dynamics NAV Form?

I have written about how to enable Tools > Zoom function in Dynamics NAV. I have also pointed out the weakness of using Tools > Zoom function (for example, when hiding passwords). However, there is a way to disable keyboard shortcut CTRL+F8 on a specific form. How to disable CTRL+F8 on Dynamics NAV Form? Add […]

View > Go To Definition (CTRL + F12)

What is keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F12 used for? Yes, that would be my Dynamics NAV technical interview question for you. If you spend at least a little bit time of doing development, hopefully, you are aware of function ┬áthe View > Go To Definition. And what a time-saver it is! While working in one codeunit, you […]

What is Permissions Property in Dynamics NAV Object?

I have explained how to find and add permissions in Dynamics NAV, if you start getting error messages: You do not have permission to read TABLE table. However, there is another way (which is sometimes necessary for developer to use rather than for end-user) – assinging permissions directly to Object (table, form, report, dataport, xmlport, […]

How to display percentage sign (%) with MESSAGE in Dynamics NAV?

I would definitely ask this question as part of the interview process for Dynamics NAV developers (that is, if I had a chance to interview someone… ok, I should stop dreaming and come back to reality now). This question is quite good, because, you will know the answer only if you have encountered this question […]

How do you remove field delimiters in Dynamics NAV Dataport?

I know, I know… dataports are so “stone age” and we could use so many more different options with newer technology! But there are plenty of customers out there who are still running older navision versions (3.6, 3.7). And once in a while, you might get a request to create a simple dataport. So, let’s […]

Field Numbering in Dynamics NAV

Last Friday I received recently published “Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009” book (written by David Studebaker). Thanks Amazon for the quick delivery! So, my Saturday morning started with a big mug of coffee and David’s book. I would not call myself a newbie anymore when it comes to Dynamics NAV development, however I decided to […]