How to use FINDSET function in Dynamics NAV?

So, do you know how to use FINDSET function? Of course you do… you always use it like IF FINDSET THEN REPEAT UNTIL… right? You have it in your blood. You have used it so many times… you can’t even remember when was the first time you have used FINDSET. This must be the easiest […]

Ctrl + Alt + Delete in Remote Desktop

This tip is not really related to Dynamics NAV, however, if you are like me, you are living in multiple different Remote Desktops and working on different Dynamics NAV clients. And sometimes, you need to kill your Dynamics NAV client, so… you click Ctrl + Alt + Delete… and it is executed on your local […]

How to find the size of the Company in Dynamics NAV?

I would like to share a quick and easy (well, maybe not the best way of doing things, but it gets results quite quickly) on how to check the size of the company in Dynamics NAV. Let’s say, you need to provide an estimate of how long data migration might take when doing Dynamics NAV […]

How to find which language modules are you licensed to use?

I was recently asked a question “what’s the difference between Irish (IE) and British (GB) localizations of Dynamics NAV?“. The answer to this question wasn’t that interesting, as at least from functionality (objects) perspective, the releases are identical. I wonder if there are any differences in costs associated with buying Dynamics NAV in Great Britain […]

How to display percentage sign (%) with MESSAGE in Dynamics NAV?

I would definitely ask this question as part of the interview process for Dynamics NAV developers (that is, if I had a chance to interview someone… ok, I should stop dreaming and come back to reality now). This question is quite good, because, you will know the answer only if you have encountered this question […]

How to use Replace All function in Dynamics NAV?

I know most of us (geeks living in the world where Dynamics NAV is not just a simple accountancy package) know what CTRL+F means by default (without really thinking). If you want to search for something, you click CTRL+F and start typing. If you are a little bit geekier, you will start typing without clicking […]

How to copy error message when you can’t take a screenshot?

I would like to share quick and easy tip which I use almost everyday (I saw on mibuso forum, back in 2007). If you get an error message and for some reason you can’t take a screenshot of it (let’s face it, if you will ask for someone’s help with this error message, you will […]

How do you search for a field in Dynamics NAV Table Designer?

So, how do you search for a field in table designer? Apparently, it is a feature that everybody is waiting for… but there is a trick that could help you! Let’s find out (I need to find “Line Amount” field in table “Purchase Line”). If you would go to Object Designer and click on table […]

How to find the Build Number in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

When logging support queries with Microsoft, you are almost always required to provide the build number of your Dynamics NAV version. And, I am sure, most of us have an idea on how to find the build number. At least, when I got this question in the past, without thiking too much, I would find […]