How to test if Amyuni PDF Converter is working (outside of Dynamics NAV)

Ok, so you have installed Amyuni PDF Converter. You even tried modifying install.ini file for faster installation. Well done! Now, shall we test whether your Amyuni PDF Converter is working correctly? Go to C:\PDF Converter and created new folder Test: Create a new text file and name it Test Amyuni.VBS: Right-click > Edit: Copy and […]

How to install Amyuni PDF Converter for Dynamics NAV

When you buy AmyUni PDF, you will get an email with a link and your username/password. Once logged in, you will be able to retrieve any versions that you have previously bought by clicking “Version X.X – Download”. This will download an archive file. Extract it on your C:\ drive as: For printing from Dynamics […]

Amyuni PDF Converter for Dynamics NAV

“I want to send out my reports from NAV as PDF files”. This is quite a common request and there are many ways of achieving this. In newer Dynamics NAV versions you can use SAVEASPDF function, but in older Dynamics NAV versions, you would need a PDF printer. In this series I will have a […]

When does Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 support end?

When does Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 support end? Well… I’ve written back in 2011 saying “how often do you get a question – is Dynamics NAV 4.3 still supported?” and I am feeling a little bit of Déjà vu now, when we talk about Dynamics NAV 2009 R2. Mainstream Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 has […]

How to connect to Dynamics NAV 2015 with one click?

How can you connect to Dynamics NAV with one click? Ok, ok… I may have oversold you on the idea of “one click”. In fact, it is one double-click. You could do it so easily with Dynamics NAV Classic client – create a shortcut and define connection string (using properties SERVERNAME, DATABASE, COMPANY). Easy! But […]

How to use FINDSET function in Dynamics NAV?

So, do you know how to use FINDSET function? Of course you do… you always use it like IF FINDSET THEN REPEAT UNTIL… right? You have it in your blood. You have used it so many times… you can’t even remember when was the first time you have used FINDSET. This must be the easiest […]

What does the field Use Legacy G/L Entry Locking actually do in NAV 2013?

“Do you or your customers have peak hours when all the sales orders and invoices need to be posted at the same time? Or do you have large numbers of postings that need to be run without blocking other users?” – I loved the way NAV Team introduced new locking functionality of NAV 2013. But they […]

How to save a few hours when working with Menusuite assignments

Have you ever spent hours adding people to different MenuSuites (that is, taking people of the MenuSuite items one at a time)? If not, count yourself lucky! If you have… you must have thought “there must be a better way of doing this“? Ages ago, after spending a few days assigning various users to different […]

What SQL permissions do you need to upload a Dynamics NAV license file?

Whenever you get a new license file from your partner, in order to activate the new license file, you need to upload the license file to your server. However, sometimes, you may get an error when uploading the license file. So far, I have seen two error messages, that users usually get: The following ODBC error […]