How to publish Dynamics NAV Web Services?

Today, I was asked – how do I publish Dynammics NAV web services?

That’s easy… click “Published”! – was my short answer. And only then I realized, that if you have never done this before, my short answer (even though I said almost everything you need to know), might not be that helpful.

How to publish Dynamics NAV Web Services:
1. Click Tools > Object Designer (or SHIFT+F12), find form 810 “Web Services” and run it.
FORM810 Web Services
2. Select what you want to publish (Page or Codeunit), enter object ID, the name you want to use for web services, and click “Published”.
Publish Web Services

You can also do this from Dynamics NAV RoleTailored client. Instead of going to Object Designer, click Departments > Administration > IT Administration > General > Web Services and do the same thing.


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