How to find the size of Dynamics NAV database?

How to find the size of Dynamics NAV database? This should be quite easy, right? Well, all you need to do, is to go to File > Database > Information:
Database Size - File Database Information

and in “Database” tab, you will see the field Database Size (KB):
Database Size - Database Size KB

If you are feeling a little bit geeky, you could find same answer by utilizing virtual table “Database File”. Create a new form and enter “Database File” (or better yet, ID: 2000000010):
Database Size - New Form Database File

select all available fields:
Database Size - Database File Fields

and click Preview:
Database Size - Database File Results

Looking at both ways, results should be more or less the same:
Database Size - Compare Results

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One Response to How to find the size of Dynamics NAV database?

  1. Wayne Radue says:

    Hi Thomas, thank you for this, however, lets say you were to replicate a lot of these database total size and its used size into a table in some database to do a comparison on when a database is reaching low space, would something like that be possible for a retail environment with over a 100 redundant pos terminals with databases and branch servers?

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