How to add user as Warehouse Employee for Multiple Locations

It is quite easy to create a new Warehouse Employee record for a user in Dynamics NAV. You just go to Administration > Application Setup > Warehouse > Setup – Warehouse > Employees, create a new record, assign a location code and you are done. It becomes a little bit more difficult when you have more than 10 Locations, but the concept is more or less the same, right?

I have seen so many times people clicking F8 on User ID column, then F6 on Location Code, and again F8 on User ID column, F6 on Location Code, and again… when trying to create one warehouse employee record at a time for a user for multiple locations. This activity might be quite common, when you need to create test databases and new users for testing various warehouse operations. To be fair, I have done this myself (F8, Enter, F6, Enter), quite a few times, but then I was shown a faster way!

Whenever you need to create a set of warehouse employee records for the same user for multiple locations, follow these steps: Run “Warehouse Employees” form from Object Designer (who can remember these menusuite paths anyway?),
Warehouse Employee - Object Designer
find an existing user that has Locations already assigned to him, select all records and click Edit > Copy (or CTRL+C),
Warehouse Employee - Existing User
click on User ID column, and filter (F7) with new User ID (in my example, I am creating Warehouse Employee records for USER2),
Warehouse Employee - Filter on User ID
click Edit > Paste (CTRL+V),
Warehouse Employee - Edit - Paste
which adds user as Warehouse Employee for Multiple Locations.
Warehouse Employee - New User Added for Multiple Locations

It’s the bit of default Dynamics NAV functionality, that you do not really need to survive in your daily life, but then again, it will hopefully save a little bit of your precious time.


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