How does “Blocked” field work on Item card?

There are some things in Dynamics NAV that you take for granted. For exmaple, “Blocked” field on Item card, what does it do? Well, it should be self-explanatory, if you put a checkmark on “Blocked”, you will block the item, hence, you will not be able to use it anymore, right?

Well, yes and no. It will block the item, but only for posting.

According to Dynamics NAV help files:

When you select the Blocked check box, it does not prevent the Whse. Item Journal or warehouse activities (pick, put-away, and movement) from using the item. You can still move items in the warehouse and register adjustments in the warehouse journals.

However, blocking does prevent you from creating a sales order line. In addition, a warehouse shipment for a sales order line that was created before the item is blocked can be picked but it cannot be shipped.

So, how does “Blocked” field work on Item card in Dynamics NAV?

Blocked Field - Error Message
Firstly, when Item is blocked, you will get error message saying Blocked must be No in Item No.=’TEST-ITEM’, when trying to enter Item No. on:

  • Table 39 Purchase Line
  • Table 83 Item Journal Line
  • Table 89 BOM Journal Line
  • Table 171 Standard Sales Line
  • Table 174 Standard Purchase Line
  • Table 210 Job Journal Line
  • Table 246 Requisition Line
  • Table 753 Standard Item Journal Line
  • Table 1003 Job Planning Line
  • Table 5405 Production Order
  • Table 5741 Transfer Line
  • Table 5902 Service Line
  • Table 5997 Standard Service Line

Blocked Field - Warning Message
Secondly, when Item is blocked, the default Test Reports (for example, on purchase order, if you would click on Posting > Test Report) will display a warning message saying: Blocked must be No in Item No.=’TEST-ITEM’:

  • Report 202 Sales Document – Test
  • Report 402 Purchase Document – Test
  • Report 702 Iventory Posting – Test
  • Report 802 BOM Journal – Test
  • Report 1005 Job Journal – Test
  • Report 5812 Revaluation Posting-Test
  • Report 5915 Service Document-Test
  • Report 7302 WHse. Invt.-Regis – Test

Blocked Field - Codeunits
Finally, default Dynamics NAV posting routines, will also check if item is blocked (and, as per help files, it will stop users from posting blocked items). This will come into play, if item has been blocked after it has been added to documents/journals, stopping you from initiating posting routine.

  • Codeunit 22 Item Jnl.-Post Line
  • Codeunit 5510 Production Journal Mgt
  • Codeunit 5704 TransferOrder-Post Shipment
  • Codeunit 5705 TransferOrder-Post Receipt

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  1. Pradeep says:


    When blocked an item, is there impact to the report retrieving speed ?



  2. Peter M. Baumgardner says:

    How do you unblock an item card in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015?

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