Error: You cannot use the file TEMP because it is already in use

You are working in Dynamics NAV, creating your sales orders, and… you were kicked out from the server (getting error message: You cannot use the file TEMP because it is already in use). OK, let’s try to replicate the issue. Go back to Dynamics NAV, create a few more sales orders. Nothing… this time no error message appears. However, after some time, working in another part of Dynamics NAV (posting purchase receipts), you get the error message again, also complaining about TEMP file:
Error You cannot use the file TEMP because it is already in use

So, what is causing this error message? And how can you solve it in Dynamics NAV? Well, you can’t… at least, not in Dynamics NAV directly. Have a look at the icons next to the Date/Time in the right corner of the windows “Start” menu taskbar.
Kaspersky Icon

If you can see “K” icon (yes, I mean Kaspersky), then the issue can (most likely) be resolved. The issue is, that Dynamics NAV client works with temporary files (and, I don’t have too much information on exact details of how and when the TEMP files is used), but Kaspersky antivirus sometimes “reserves” these temporary files for scanning, therefore Dynamics NAV can’t use them anymore.

Because, the anti-virus program is interfering with the files that Dynamics NAV uses, the error message (without any apparent pattern in what users is actually doing in NAV) is displayed. The solution: configure the anti-virus program to include finsql.exe as a trusted application and this will get rid of the error.


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