Error: BACS Exported must be No in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=’PAYMENT’,Journal Batch Name=’GIRO’,Line No.=’10000′.

Once in a while someone will ask me: could you reset “BACS Exported” on Payment Journal for me? When faced with this question for the first time, my first though was – but why?

And scenario is quite simple. Imagine that you are working on a payment journal, applying entries to be paid, and you export BACS file to be sent to bank. However, when exporting the file, you received some funny error message (usually, if you try to save a file in the folder, where you do not have permissions to write), and the file was not exported. So, what do you do?

If you will try to export the BACS file, you will get a message saying that there is nothing to export.
Payment Journal - Nothing to export
Which is fair enough, system knows that you already exported the BACS file and there is no need to export a duplicate. If you will try to delete the payment journal, with an idea of starting from scratch again, you will get another error message, saying that BACS Exported must be No.
Payment Journal - BACS Exported must be No
And then, if it has been a long day, Eureka! moment might hit you – let’s manually set “BACS Exported” to No and let’s export the BACS file again. But, if you will add “BACS Exported” field to the payment journal, you will see, that field is not editable.
Payment Journal - Payment Journal with BACS Exported
In fact, even if you will go to Gen. Journal Line table directly, and try to change the field “BACS Exported” to No in Object Designer, you will not be able to do that – field is not editable!
Payment Journal - BACS Exported Field Not Editable
And there is a reason for that is – when you export BACS file, BACS Ledger Entries are created. Therefore, by setting “BACS Exported” to No, you would do only half of the job required. Instead, you need to Void BACS for all lines and export file again.

How to set “BACS Exported” field to No in Payment Journal in Dynamics NAV
1. Go to Financial Management > Cash Management > Payment Journals.
2. Click Payments > Void all BACS (if you will click Payment > Void BACS, it will only void active payment journal line).
Payment Journal - Payments - Void All BACS
3. Click Payments > Export BACS again.
Payment Journal - Successfully exported


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