The fastest way to select a customer on sales order in Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV RoleTailored client is all about PRODUCTIVITY. You have as much needed information as possible on one screen, so you could work more efficiently. When in Dynamics NAV Classic client (older versions, that is), in order to be productive, you had to be uber-geek and remember all keyboard shortcuts, in Dynamics NAV RTC client it’s a lot easier to be efficient. Right?

Let’s take an example (let’s create a new sales order for customer “London Candoxy Storage Campus”)… So, we go to Sales Order page, click “New”.

RTC - New Sales Order

Start typing “London C” and you will be offered a list of customers to select. To be fair, inital list is empty (because, it is being filtered by “No.” field).

RTC - Enter Customer Name

However if you will click arrow-down button on your keyboard and arror-right, the filter will be moved to “Name” field and customers that start with “London” will appear for selection.

RTC - Select Customer Name

Now, just select the customer you want (don’t touch your mouse, yet – just click Enter on your keyboard). And done! Easy…

RTC - Order Created

But, let’s not forget how much we loved (still love?) Dynamics NAV Classic version! And (until your Dynamics NAV will get upgraded to the latest version) you might still enjoy the efficiency that Dynamics NAV Classic client can be provide. In fact, if we would look at the same scenario as we just did for RTC, we could achieve same results!

Create a new sales order.

Classic - New Sales Order

Start typing the customer name in “No.” field.

Classic - Enter Customer Name

Obviously, you will not get a list to choose from the existing customers, however if you know the customer name… just type the beginning of it and click enter.

Classic - Order Created

So, who has any other ideas to make the order creation process faster?

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