Jump between tabs on Dynamics NAV form with keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut: CTRL + Page Up, CTRL + Page Down

I must admit, I am an avid mouse user. I like to click everywhere when working… and while doing that I feel in control. I know it’s inefficient and I adore geeks (and old school accountants) who manage to work with Dynamics NAV without mouse at all. Knowing all these keyboard shortcuts (even without using time-saving tricks)… looks like magic. However, the more time you spend with Dynamics NAV, the more you become like magician yourself! I mean, the more shortcuts you learn anyway.

Everybody knows (ok, I understand that is bad to make generalizations based on… myself, but…) how to switch between forms with CTRL+TAB. And there are plenty of other keyboard shortcuts that we should learn by heart.

However, only recently I found one more shortcut which changed the way I interact with forms… CTRL + PageDown, CTRL + PageUp! It’s like… you can fly through Dynamics NAV form’s tabs! You can fly without touching your mouse again. Sweeeeeeet!

So, how does it work? Go to Customer card.
Customer card, General tab. CTRL+PageDown
You are on General tab. Click CTRL+PageDown.

Customer card, Communication tab. CTRL+PageDown
Communications tab. Click CTRL+PageDown.

Customer card, Invoicing tab. CTRL+PageDown
Invoicing tab. Click CTRL+PageDown.

You get the drill… Now, to jump to previous tab, just click CTRL+PageUp.

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