How to use Replace All function in Dynamics NAV?

I know most of us (geeks living in the world where Dynamics NAV is not just a simple accountancy package) know what CTRL+F means by default (without really thinking). If you want to search for something, you click CTRL+F and start typing. If you are a little bit geekier, you will start typing without clicking CTRL+F (and Dynamics NAV will open “Find” dialog for you).

CTRL+H – Replace Function

However, do you know how to rus “Replace All” function? What’s the keyboard shortcut? No, it is not CTRL+R. It’s CTRL+H. Blah.. blah.. blah… but why this should be exiting? Well… how many times did you need to write a quick processing only report to update a field from one value to another? Obviously, if you needed to update only a few records, you could go directly into Object Designer, open the table, and update values as necessary (did I just said you could? I meant… it is possible, not that you shoudl, just because you can).

But… if we would continue talking about what is possible… then, did you know that you could use CTRL+H instead?

Let’s have a look at this example: go to Object Designer and run customer table.

Replace Function - Object Designer

Click on “Location” column (note: I selected one with Location Code – BLUE)

Replace Function - Customer record, Location Field

Click CTRL+H and define “Replace With” field.

Replace Function - From BLUE to WHITE

Click “Replace All”. So, do you want to replace all occurrences of BLUE to WHITE? Well, that’s what we are trying to achieve with this example. Click “Yes”.

Replace Function - Click Replace All


Replace Function - Replaced

Maybe, this is not the best example, but it is good to know what is possible to do without any additional developments. Hopefully, someday you will find this useful!

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3 Responses to How to use Replace All function in Dynamics NAV?

  1. naomi says:

    Is this function still available in NAV2013R2 ?

  2. karen ko says:

    Any replace function in Nav 2015???

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